Sathyam is the second most popular independent online media in Malayalam. We have an average of 10 lakh readers per day. Our speciality is that we provides 24 hours news updates and functions 365 days without any break.

Founded in 2012, Sathyam is a member of the Confederation of Online Media India (COM India), the only Malayalam online media association recognised by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It is one among the first 24 Online media listed on the Ministry’s website.

Our Specialties

It is unique to us that in 15 foreign countries we have special edition pages for exclusively for the expatriate Malayalis of those countries. We also have 4 metro pages for major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

We have special district pages for providing local news for 14 districts in Kerala. More over we have special pages for various categories like Cinema, Agriculture, IT, Health… etc.

We follow the same style as a mainstream media. We publish an average of about 250 news items daily, including international, national and regional articles, criticism and reviews.

Sathyam Online is also the most popular online media in the Gulf. We are the number one popular media in Kuwait and second in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We are also at the forefront in popularity in countries like Bahrain and Oman. Satyam Online is the number one Malayalam online media in European countries like Canada, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Sathyam Online is the first Indian media to be recognized by Kuwait News Agency. In Kuwait, we have even surpassed Manorama Online to become the first in popularity in Google Alexa ranking.

Strong and Quality Readers

Majority of Sathyam Online readers are from the Gulf region after Kerala. Sathyam Online is most popular among expatriate Malayalis in countries like Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and the US.

Sathyam Online Editor Mr. Vincent Nellikunnel (Member, Kerala Media Academy – Govt. of Kerala) is the first online editor from an independent online media who gets membership in official government bodies for journalists in India.

Our speciality is we maintain the same quantity and authentic news as a mainstream newspaper. For this purpose, Sathyam Online team is led by the strongest team of media workers under the leadership of India Today Malayalam former head of Malayalam Jacob George (Chief Editor) and R Ajith Kumar (Editorial Director), former CEO of Mangalam Daily and Mangalam Television MD. Hence our strength is the highest quality readers in Malayalam.

365 days and 24 hours

Sathyam Online is the first online news platform that provides 24 hours news and functions 365 days without holidays. You will get the news anywhere in the world. There is no other medium that communicates the vibes of the world’s Malayalis to the outside world to such an extent.

Sathyam is the online media that publishes the most trusted news in Malayalam. Our reports are prepared by a team of experienced senior media workers. We are also an overseas media outlet with our own reporters in around 20 countries. For the successful functioning of Sathyam Online we have a network of more than 50 media workers.

Sathyam online is the most powerful Malayalam online that has more presence in news aggregated apps like Daily Hunt, News Point (Times Of India), Jio News(Reliance). More over Sathyam online news spread directly and indirectly over more than 2000 social media groups every day.